Where Can I Get a Budgie

Blue parakeet budgies love to be stroked and held and want to interact with their Pet Parents as much as possible. The violet coloration is a darkening gene that will enrich a Budgies main body color.

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Lipomas are common in overweight Amazon Parrots, Rose-breasted Cockatoos, and Budgies. Older budgies are more prone to ovarian, testicular, or kidney tumors.

Rainbow English Budgies for Sale

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Budgie for Adoption Near Me

If you smoke, please do not adopt a budgie parakeet because the negative effects of second hand smoke are amplified for birds because with each breath they renew 100 of the air from their lungs.

Budgerigars for Sale Near Me

Budgerigar parakeets, or budgies, require a significant time commitment from their owners to be happy and reach their full potential as companion birds. Parakeets can make great pets for dedicated children as well as adults who have time to engage with and train a bird daily.

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Find blue parakeets for sale at your local PetSmart store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Budgie have a tumor?
Once cancer is diagnosed, luprin is usually prescribed to reduce the tumor and, hopefully, prolong life. Lipomas are commonly seen in overweight Amazon Parrots, Rose-breasted Cockatoos, and Budgies. It appears that older budgies are more prone to tumors of the ovary, testicle, or kidney, which may eventually put pressure on the sciatic nerve on the affected side, resulting in lameness.

Does my Budgie Trust Me?
Budgie is the most comfortable pet to keep yet can be the most complicated bird to have around. The way you treat this bird is critical. Similar to other pets, you need to maintain a good bond between you and the budgie. This way, it’ll trust you and offer a genuine friendship that won’t easily break even after you ruin it.

Where can I buy budgies?
What kind of cancer does a budgie have?
Budgerigars, parakeets, cockatoos, and macaws are the most commonly involved birds. The most common internal tumor in pet birds is an intra-abdominal mass, which is a tumor of either the reproductive organs (ovaries or testicles) or the kidneys.

What is a lipoma on a budgie?
Lipomas are benign fatty tumors that most commonly occur in budgerigars. They are most commonly located on the keel (breast bone) or in the chest area and should not be removed unless it is large enough to cause discomfort to the bird.

What happens when a bird has an internal benign tumor?
“Internal benign tumors can also put pressure on the bird’s organs, which can be painful or uncomfortable; a tumor takes up space, and if it grows, it will displace or change what’s going on with the surrounding organs,” Phalen explained.

Can a parakeet survive a cancerous tumor on its wing?
Are budgies prone to cancer?
Budgerigars appear to be one species of bird that is predisposed to cancer, with internal tumors of the kidney or gonad (ovary or testicle) being the most common malignancy diagnosed.

Is my Budgie dying or sick?
However, if you are aware of the symptoms that indicate that the budgie is dying, you can help it by alleviating its suffering. When budgies become ill, they, like other aviary birds, conceal the signs of their illness.

What does a healthy Budgie look like?
The budgie on the right appears to be a healthy light green normal hen, with the following characteristics: – feathers – clean, smooth, and nice bright, crisp markings

Is there such a thing as an English Budgie?
The English Budgie is not a naturally occurring bird; rather, it was created through breeding programs for the pet trade market, which is how we get such an amazing variety of Budgie colorations! All Budgies with non-traditional coloration were bred in captivity.