What Birds Can Be Housed With Cockatiels

What birds can be housed with cockatielsCompanion Birds These include scarlet-chested, princess, turquoise, king and Bourke parrots. Parakeets are sometimes successfully kept together with cockatiels, but some experts recommend against it because of the size difference between the birds.


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What Birds Can Be Housed With Cockatiels

Parrots (small-sized) can be kept with cockatiels while birds like finches

The true finches are small to medium-sized passerine birds in the family Fringillidae. Finches have stout conical bills adapted for eating seeds and often have colourful plumage. They occupy a great range of habitats where they are usually resident and do not migrate. They have a worldwi

, canaries, and lovebirds need to be avoided. While it is a known thing that cockatiels are social birds, they do not get well with all birds of the same size or temperament. They do have preferences.

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Are Cockatiels Good Starter Birds?

With its bright yellow head, rosy-red cheeks, cuddly demeanor and cheerful chirp, the cockatiel is the epitome of sunshine on a cloudy day. They also happen to make excellent first birds. Tiels are known to be very social birds and thrive on frequent interactions with their caregivers.

Is A Cockatiel A Good Pet Bird?

The Cockatiel is the number 1 selling pet bird 1 in American and for a very good reason. They are smaller in size, have a lifespan slightly longer than most cats, and are affectionate. They are easily trained. They make an excellent family pet and will interact with all versus getting very attached to one owner.

Do Cockatiels Like To Play With Toys?

Yes, cockatiels come on the list of some brilliant birds. Cockatiels like to play with small toys. If you spend a little bit of time playing with birds and toys, they indeed learn to play more and more, and they enjoy that.

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Can You Fall In Love With A Cockatiel?

If you guys love birds, then surely you are going to fall in love with cockatiels. The cockatiel is a very gentle bird, and if you love parrots, you will like this bird for sure because most of the qualities of parrot are found in cockatiels. It’s an amiable bird you can keep in your house.

Is It Possible To Tame A Cockatiel?

Of course there are exceptions, but most young cockatiels are tamable. Even parent-reared birds only need some gentle handling to become your loving pet. Cockatiels generally remain tame once they are. To maintain that sunny disposition, limit adult birds’ exposure to daylight to 10 to 12 hours.

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