What Are Budgie Smugglers

Budgie smugglers are Speedo-type, snug swimming briefs popular in Australia. Each pair of Smugglers is 100 Australian made, lovingly tried and rigorously tested.

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Lipomas are common in overweight Amazon Parrots, Rose-breasted Cockatoos, and Budgies, and older budgies are more prone to tumors of the ovary, testicle, or kidney.

What Does Budgie Smugglers Mean in Slang

The name most likely comes from the fact that it appears as if you are smuggling budgies in the front of your swimsuit, due to your dong n’ scrote.

What Are Speedos Called Budgie Smugglers

Budgie smugglers is an Australian slang phrase that describes tight-fitting men’s swimwear, also known as speedos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ‘bastard wing’ on a budgie?
‘The bastard wing of birds is a rudimentary digit; and I believe that if fossil birds are discovered very low in the series, they will have a double or bifurcated wing.’

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