Is Canary Yellow Sapphire

Is canary yellow sapphireYes, we know. They are stunning, but Kate Winslet’s $3.5 million budget may be slightly over most people’s, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be bedecked in something just as beautiful – Canary.

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What Is The Colour Of Natural Yellow Sapphire?

The most brilliant and sought after colour in natural yellow sapphire is called as Canary Yellow or Golden Canary Yellow. It is a vivid, brilliant sparkling Yellow with a high saturation. The color finds its description and roots from the Yellow Canary Bird. The yellow canary (Serinus flaviventris) is a small bird in the finch family.

What Is The Size Of A Yellow Canary?

Most of the yellow canaries are typically 13 cm in length. The color of the adult male canary is a brilliant bright yellow that is called as the Golden Canary Yellow Colour and this is the most sought after colour in Natural Yellow Sapphires. Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in November 2014.

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Are Yellow Sapphires Good For Engagement Rings?

With the increased popularity of yellow diamonds and yellow diamond engagement rings, yellow sapphires are the perfect alternative in cost without sacrificing any quality or beauty. Fine, natural yellow sapphires are actually quite rare and are usually clean and very bright with fantastic light reflection in all lighting conditions.

How Much Do Yellow Sapphires Cost?

The price of yellow sapphires depends on the carat weight, cut quality, and richness of color. For example, this 1.24 Carat oval yellow sapphire from James Allen costs $360 while this 1.23 Carat emerald cut yellow sapphire from James Allen costs $530.

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