This Is How to Train Your Budgie to Sit on Your Finger? (advice From Industry Experts)

When your parakeet starts stepping onto your finger instead of the perch, you can start introducing commands like step up and step down, with the goal of eventually being able to open the cage, put your finger in, and ask your budgie to step on your finger.

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How to Tame a Parakeet

Taming budgies and parakeets is a simple but time taking process. The best time to tame a budgie or parakeet is when the bird is over six weeks old and less than six months old.

If you want to hand train a parakeet give it a spacious cage in a well-lit room and talk to it frequently so it will feel comfortable around you. One thing you must keep in mind is when you bring the budgie home from the pet shop make sure to get its wings clipped.

Training Budgie to Talk

Once your budgie is trained to sit on your hand quietly you can start the process of teaching him to talk. You should speak to him in an enthusiastic manner, as this will excite him and motivate him to speak back to you.

Budgies can be trained to talk after they are three months old. A budgerigar who receives regular training for 2 months begins to say the taught word.

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Older Budgies may be able learn a few words however, most are not capable of speaking. Always move slowly and talk softly when you are around your budgie.