This Is How to Train Your Budgie to Fly to You? (advice From Industry Experts)

It takes a cue word and treats to train a budgie to fly to you. Happy budgie body language includes all-over feather fluff, happy tail wag, sitting up straight and tall, and chirping.

Say your budgie’s name every time you walk past the cage so the bird gets used to it.

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How to Tame a Parakeet

There are seven things you should do to tame a parakeet quickly. Consistency and patience are the keys to successful taming sessions.

Allow the budgie two weeks to settle down in its new cage and acclimate with the new environment.

How to Potty Train Budgie

If you notice your bird poops every seven minutes or so, place him or her over the designated space inside the cage. To teach your budgie to fly to its perch, point to the perch and say go back to your perch.

Reward the budgie when it flies to you. If you are breeding parakeets, you must decide whether or not to allow the parents to feed.

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