This Is How I Train Your Baby Budgie? (advice From Industry Experts)

If you have a baby budgie at home, it’s important to allow the parents to do most of the caring. Here are some tricks you can teach your budgie to get the most fun for you and your new pet.

Try using millet spray or fresh fruits to entice them to eat from your hand. Food is one of the basic needs for any life on this planet and is also a way to build trust and bonding with your budgie.

When starting out with budgie training, matching actions with words in a repetitive and consistent pattern is the biggest key to success.

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Start using instructions like “Step Up!” and “Step Down!”

when talking to your budgie. Have your finger super-close, but not so close that your bird can just step up.

Teach the budgie to climb a ladder or balance on a tennis ball.

How to Take Care of a Budgie

Budgies are small, hook-billed birds that thrive in captivity on a diet of seeds, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Providing your budgie with a varied diet, clean water, and plenty of exercise and stimulation is the best way to ensure its health.

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Tricks to Teach Parakeets

The Parakeet Fetch Trick involves choosing an object that your bird will fetch. When the parakeet takes it in its beak, say Fetch.

When it drops the object, say Drop it. If you repeat the same phrases or noises such as Tweety.

Talk clearly and slowly. Step is one of the first and most basic commands you should teach your bird.

Head bobbing and dipping are two other tricks you can teach to your birds. If you have parrots and want to teach them how to dance, this is an easy trick to start with.

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