This Is How to Tell a Budgies Gender? (explained by Pros)

Identifying Lutino male budgies will always have a pinkish cere. Female adult budgie cere is usually white or pale blue.

Budgies are born with pink ceres, which change color as the bird ages and can be blue or even purple. Male budgies will usually have a bright blue or purple-colored cere that will be slightly larger than a females cere, which will be smaller and less colorful.

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How to Tell a Budgies Gender at a Young Age

Male budgies under the age of four months have pink or purple colored cere, while females have white or pale blue cere. You can tell the sex of a budgie by looking at its cere once they are 2-3 weeks old.

Budgie beak and eyes can indicate whether the bird is a baby, adolescent, or mature budgie. Inspect the iris and pupil to determine the age of the budgie pet.

A girl budgie will be more aggressive and a boy budgie less so.

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How to Tell the Gender of a Budgie Parakeet

Mature male budgies over the age of 12 months have feet and legs that closely resemble their cere, a bright blue color, whereas female ceres are typically white, brown, tan, or light pink.