How To Play With A Cockatiel

How to play with a cockatielPlay music for your cockatiel. Playing an instrument, whistling, or singing can be entertaining for you bird. With enough exposure to certain songs, it may even learn to sing them back to you. Play hide and seek with your bird. Take your bird into a room and gently set it down. Go around the corner to a new room and call out to your bird.

Cockatiel playing at lunchtime

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How To Play With A Cockatiel

5 Ways To Play With Your Pet Cockatiel

  1. Talking Cockatiels. Many cockatiels, particularly the males, can learn to talk.
  2. Dancing Cockatiels. Like their larger cockatoo cousins, cockatiels have rhythm and can learn to dance.
  3. Whistling Cockatiels. While Rosie became an excellent dancer, I also taught him to whistle.
  4. Music And Cockatiels.
  5. Bird Toys And Cockatiels.

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