This Is How to Know Budgies Male or Female? (all You Need to Know)

The cere is the fleshy, bumpy area above the beak where the nostrils are located in adult males. The cere also changes from white to brown and then blue in adult males.

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Male budgies are the calmer, more social of the species. The cere – a fleshy covering directly above the beak – of a male budgie is what most people notice about a budgie.

Males in a breeding mood have a bright or royal blue cere.

How to Tell a Parakeets Gender

Male and female parakeets can be hard to tell apart. The best way is by checking its cere the patch of bright feathers on top of a parakeet’s beak.

Lack of egg laying ability does not make your budgie a male or a female. Tell the gender of a red rump parakeet Psephotus haematonotus.

Albino, Lutino and Mottled birds usually have off-white, light pink or blueish pink ceres. A dark blue or blue cere indicates that your budgie is an adult male.

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Male Vs Female Budgie Birds

Males are usually larger, stronger, and slightly heavier than females. Budgies less than a year old that have not yet reached their first molt will have purplish ceres.

Lutino male budgies will always have a pinkish cere.

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