This Is How I Introduce a New Budgie? (explained by Pros)

You can get a budgie from either a breeder or a pet shop. When you first introduce your new budgie to the old one, it is best to keep them in cages.

Make sure that you give both of them equal attention so neither feels left out or neglected. Keep the new parakeet in a separate area of your house for 30 days to make certain he has no contagious diseases or parasites.

They may even decide to move in together at this point. Once they show interest in each other you can put the new bird in with the current bird.

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After a day, move the two cages closer together. After 2-3 days, let the tame budgie out.

If everything appears to be going well, allow the two birds to spend the day in one main cage. If there are no further problems, they can spend the night in one cage.

How to Take Care of a Budgie

Budgies are petite, hook-billed birds that, in captivity, live primarily on a diet of seeds, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Making sure your budgie has a good varied diet, access to clean water, and plenty of exercise and mental stimulation is the best way to ensure it stays healthy.

Monitor the chick in the first days. Check the babies for fixable problems.

How to Introduce Two Parakeets

How to Acquaint Two Parakeets. Quarantine a new bird for at least 30 days.

House both birds in separate cages. Allow them to mingle during out-of-cage time.

After 2-3 days, you can let the tame budgie out. When first introducing your new parakeet to your current pair, place the cages side by side so they become familiar with each other.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you introduce a Budgie to a new bird?
Your budgie simply wants to be respected in the same way that you would like to be respected – that is, let him get to know the new bird before bringing the two of them close together; in fact, the best possible introduction should be on as neutral ground as possible, such as a different room of the house.

What happens when you get a new Budgie for the first time?
Your first budgie will initially keep its distance from the newcomer, and don’t be surprised if, after all that time spent building a good relationship with him, he even becomes a little angry at you. Some birds who were previously attached to their owners suddenly bite or refuse to perch on a finger.

Can I put a new Budgie in the same cage?
How to train a Budgie to speak?
While training your budgie to speak keep on repeating the same word before trying a new word. You can get a budgie from either a breeder or a pet shop but prefer one from a breeder if possible. When you get a budgie from a pet shop, they will not be friendly at first as they are into the cage along with a moderate-large number of other budgies.

How to introduce a new Budgie to an old one?
Introducing a New Budgie 1 Turn the Threat Into Curiosity. First, don’t treat him any differently. … 2 Move the Cages Together. After a day, move the two cages close together. … 3 Let Your Old Pet Out. After 2-3 days, you can let the tame budgie out. … 4 Try One Cage During the Day. … 5 Arrange a Sleepover. …

How do I get my budgies to get along with other birds?
Although budgies are naturally social, don’t ruffle his feathers by introducing a new bird too quickly into his cage and invading his territory; gradually introducing the two parakeets is the best way to make them BFFs.

How will my Budgie react to a new pet?
Initially, your first budgie will keep itself at a distance towards the newcomer. Don’t be surprised if, after you spent all that time building a good relationship with your budgie, he even becomes a little angry at you.

How to introduce a new bird to the original bird?
Can I put a new Budgie with an old Budgie?
Just put the new budgie in with the old and stay back for a bit, let them get to know each other. They’ll be fine. I have had males and females together in a flock for years and they have never attempted to nest or lay eggs. However, I have had a female English budgie dominate and bully my male English. He just wanted to dote on her and fed her.

How do you introduce two budgies to each other?
Keep two bird nets and a pair of gloves on hand in case you need to separate them. Gradually introduce the birds to each other by placing them in separate cages and hanging the cages next to one another. After a while, they will become comfortable with one another.

How can I Make my Budgie respect my new bird?
We can also be insanely destructive against those whom we don’t trust or understand. Your budgie only wants to be respected the same way you would want to be – that is, let him get to know the new bird before bringing the two of them close together.