This Is How I Get Your Budgies to Mate? (explained by Pros)

Budgies require a calcium and vitamin D-rich diet, which is essential for egg formation. You can further encourage your budgies to breed by providing them with special supplements and providing softwood to gnaw on during mating.

When your budgie steps onto your finger, keep your hand as still as possible and reward him with a treat as positive reinforcement for using your finger as a perch.

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Expect your birds to breed between October and March, or whenever it rains. When the male wants to breed, he’ll approach the female and make chattering sounds.

How to Encourage Budgie Breeding

Budgies typically mate from October to March, but this can occur at any time. Providing a good food supply for both the cock and hen will help to encourage your budgies to breed, as this reminds them of their natural habitat where they mate after rain.

Birds require a good diet and optimal nutrition to produce healthy eggs. Changing the arrangement or types of toys, dishes, and perches in the cage can also be very helpful.

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What Age Do Parakeets Mate

A baby parakeet does not develop iris, but those that age more than five months have dark gray iris in the eye. You should not allow her to mate more than three times a year.

Parakeets can breed as early as a few months old, but they really should not until they are ten or twelve months old.

How to Breed Budgie

Breeding budgies can result in genetic mutations, resulting in stillborn or deformed chicks. Budgies reach peak fitness when the cock is a vivid blue and the hen is chocolate brown.

Budgies instinctively breed during the rainy spring and summer seasons, when food is easier to find and there are many hours of light for them to feed all day long.

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