How Tall Is a Budgie

The height of a budgie is 5’9 xD. Budgies are sexed by the colour of their cere, or the area above the beak surrounding the nostrils.

Adult males sport a bright-blue cere, while females have a brown cere. You can tell the sex of a budgie by looking at its cere once they are 2-3 weeks old.

Male budgies have rose, purple, or blue ceres; females have a lighter blue cere. The American budgie or American parakeet is around 4-5 inches long.

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For a single bird, the standard minimum cage size recommended by bird professionals is 12-by-18-by-18-inches.

Caring for an English Budgie

Budgies are petite, hook-billed birds that, in captivity, live mainly on a diet of seeds, fresh fruits, and veggies. With an average lifespan of eight years, your budgie is active, if disinclined to fly.

Caring of an English budgie is not too different from other parakeets. Since it is not very large, you will only need a suitable cage in which it can stretch its wings.

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Within their cage should be enough room for a nest to sleep in, food, toys, and things to chew on.

Large English Budgies for Sale

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Our hand raised birds are used to human contact and super friendly. English Budgies are small parrots.

They are 7 inches long and have a 12 inch wingspan. The natural color of Budgerigars is green but there are more than 30 of the birds in the world.

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Budgie Cage Size Calculator

If you plan on buying a cage for a single budgie parakeet, you will need a 5500-6000 cubic inch cage. The standard minimum cage size recommended by bird professionals is 12x18x18 inches.

When accounting for two birds, you will need to more than double this size. It is advisable to purchase the largest size cage that you can afford and that will fit in your household.