How Tall Are Budgies

A budgie is a small, long-tailed, seed-eating parrot usually nicknamed the budgie b d i BUJ-ee , 3 4 or in American English, the parakeet. Budgies are the only species in the genus Melopsittacus undulatus.

If your budgie has an iris that is completely black and lacking iris rings, the budgie is less than 5 months old. Well-cared-for budgies can actually live for over ten years.

They can make it all the way up to 15 or even 20 in lucky cases.

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For a single bird, the standard minimum cage size recommended by bird professionals is 12-by-18-by-18-inches.

Best Size Cage for Budgie

The standard minimum cage size recommended by bird professionals is 12 x 18 x 18 inches. Smaller budgies require a cage a minimum of 34 x 24 x 36 inches.

Large English Budgies for Sale

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Budgie Cage Size Calculator

It is critical to keep a maximum number of budgies depending on the size of your cage. The standard size of a cage for a single budgie is 12x18x18 inches.

For two birds, you will need to more than double this size to account for extra toys and flying space. It is recommended to purchase the largest size cage that you can afford that will fit in your household.

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