How Do You Train A Budgie To Talk

How do you train a budgie to talkRespond to your budgie’s body language with words – sooth him if he’s looking stressed, chatter gently to him when he’s relaxed and beak-grinding. As soon as any recognisable sounds appear in your budgie’s conversation, repeat them back. Once he’s mastered the first phrase, concentrate on the next one.

About talking budgies and how to train them to talk

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How Do You Train A Budgie To Talk

  • You should try talking to your budgie. This is the method humans use to teach children how to talk.
  • You could also try replying to your budgie when it makes sounds so as to encourage it.
  • Do not get angry if your budgie is slow to learning or is not responding. It is still going to pick up those words and talk.
  • Avoid punishing your budgie for saying a word wrongly. Budgies need to bond with their owners and feel secure. Punishing a budgie will make it scared.
  • You can reward your budgie by feeding it when it does a good job saying a word or phrase correctly.
  • One step at a time. Do not be quick to move on from basic words. Repeat until your pet budgie can easily say them.
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