How Do Budgies Sleep in a Cage? ( and What You Can Do About It)

Budgies sleep by perching on one leg, grasping tightly with one leg and bringing the other close up to their tummies, tucking their heads beneath their ears. A nesting box or sleeping hut inside a cage can make them feel safe and secure.

Budgies require darkness to sleep. You can ensure their beauty sleep by covering their cage with a blanket.

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Budgie Sleeping All the Time

Budgies require at least 10-12 hours of undisturbed sleep at night and a few catnaps during the day. Some budgies can sleep as much as 16 hours a day.

Budgies have evolved to sleep after sunset and wake up at the crack of dawn. A budgie that appears sleepy most of the time during the day with eyes shut or half closed is likely in trouble.

Do Parakeets Sleep at Night

A parakeet should sleep for 9 to 12 hours every night. Parakeets are diurnal creatures that remain active during the day and sleep throughout the night.

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Some budgies also sleep for a few hours during the day as long as the environment is ideal. If you cover the cage at night, it will create a beautiful moment for your Budgie to have a peaceful sleep.

Parakeet Sleeps All the Time

When parakeets sleep, less is Wide Open Eyes. If your parakeet’s eyes remain open and blink-free during the night, it often indicates anxiety, fear, and uncertainty.

Do Budgies Need a Bed

Some birds require a bed to improve not only their sleep but also their overall health. Budgies require at least 10 to 12 hours of good quality sleep per night.

A budgie should go to bed and have lights out between 19h00 and 21h00. If they do not get the sleep they require at night, they will take more 30-45 minute naps throughout the day.