How Big Is A Sun Conure

How big is a sun conureAre sun conures big? Coming in at around 12 inches in length from the beak to the end of the tailfeathers, the Sun Conure is a medium-sized bird with a nicely proportioned figure, healthy birds being neither slim nor stout in profile.

Sun conure

What Is The Average Size Of A Sun Conure?

Sun conures are considered to be “the most beautiful of neotropical parrots”. Adults are typically 30 cm in length and weigh between 100 and 123 g. The wings measure 146 to 162 mm in length and the bill grows to somewhere between 19 and 25 mm. They have medium-sized bodies and long, pointed tails.

What Size Cage Does A Sun Conure Need?

Sun conures are born acrobats and they love to jump, fly and be all over the place. And all of this isn’t possible in a small cage, they need a big cage, vertically and horizontally, for this. So, ideally, a sun conure minimum cage size should be at least 24 inches in width, 24 inches in length and a good 30 inches in height.

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How Big Do Sun Conures Get?

Sun conures are lively, vocal, and expressive; this is a bird best known for its beauty and its big mouth. The sun conure is approximately 12 inches long, and is most recognizable by its bright orange and yellow coloring, often mottled here and there with splotches of green.

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