Can You Really Put Budgies and Cockatiels Together? (and Should You)

It is possible to keep Cockatiels and Budgies together in the same cage under the right circumstances. There is always some risk that one of the birds could get hurt.

It s OK to own a budgie and a cockatiel and let the two interact, but this must be done with strict supervision. The arrival of a new bird can cause some dissatisfaction among those who were there first.

Cockatiels are almost as small and vast as budgies in the bobby. Their mellow, docile, and amiable nature helps cockatiels fit in an aviary.

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Cockatiels can be housed with other small birds, including bourke parakeets and turquoise parrots. Homing cockatiels with any other bird species should be done with caution.

Introducing a new cockatiel to the feathered buddy you already have can be challenging and it can take weeks. Cockatiels can be kept in the same cage together, so long as the cage is sufficiently large enough, you install more cockatiels.

Parakeet Vs Cockatiel as Pet

As a slightly larger bird, a cockatiel will live longer than a parakeet. Pet parakeets usually live 10 to 12 years, but they can live up to 15.

Cockatiels are one of the most popular pet birds in the United States. Lovebirds cost $40 to $150 in pet shops.

Breeders may charge as much as $225 to $300 for a hand-raised bird. Cockatiels are bigger in size than their counterparts and grow up to be marginally bigger in height and tail length.

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Can Two Cockatiels Live Together

Cockatiels are affectionate birds that seek companionship and attention from others. A male and female cockatiel will likely breed, so it is fine to keep them together.

Lovebirds and cockatiels cannot live together. You always run a risk of housing them together even if they appear to get on at first.

Cockatiels are known to be quite dusty birds, so having a bird bath will allow them to clean themselves. If not, get the sturdiest cage you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Budgie and parakeets the same thing?
Budgies and parakeets are essentially the same bird. A budgie is a type of parakeet, of which there are over 115 different species. Other parakeet species include the Alexandrine, moustached, plum-headed, Indian ringneck, quaker, Bourke’s, and the rosella parakeet. They all look different and are slightly larger than budgies.

Can you keep male and female cockatiels together?
When you put male and female cockatiels together, they may get along, but you will most likely end up with baby cockatiels. 2 Consider keeping your birds in separate cages permanently. When you have multiple birds, it is sometimes easiest to keep them in separate cages forever.

How do you introduce two cockatiels to each other?
Can you keep two cockatoos together in the same cage?
I took two cockatoos and two greys to the vet in the same cage, which required a lot of habituation. Here are some case studies of my own flock, both positive and negative. Lena and Archie, an elderly pair of wild caught Orange-winged Amazons, came to me from a local zoo.

What birds can be housed with cockatiels?
Cockatiels can live with other small birds such as bourke parakeets, turquoise parrots, and red-crowned parakeets; however, housing cockatiels with other bird species should be done with caution, and more aggressive birds should be avoided.

Can you put male and female cockatiels in the same cage?
If you choose a new and ‘neutral’ cage, make sure all of the fixtures and fittings, such as toys and food bowls, are new so that the birds do not defend property that was once theirs. Male and female cockatiels may get along, but you will most likely end up with baby cockatiels if you put them together.

Do cockatiels get along with parakeets?
Can cockatiels defend themselves against large birds?
Because of their size and temperament, cockatiels are unlikely to be able to defend themselves against larger, more aggressive birds; with this in mind, it ultimately depends on the birds you want to house together, as well as their temperaments and personalities.

How do I get my cockatiels to get along with each other?
Allow the cockatiels to investigate each other from their cages. Reward calm, curious, and friendly behavior with tiny bits of treat. Ignore aggressive behavior. Remove the new bird’s cage from the room and try again tomorrow.

How long does it take to introduce a new cockatiel to another?
Introducing a new cockatiel to an existing feathered buddy can be difficult and time-consuming, but the lifelong friendship you are establishing for your birds is well worth it. Do not begin the introduction until after a full quarantine period of 30 to 90 days.

How do you introduce two male birds to each other?
Introducing Two Birds As Mates Ensure that your birds are of different genders. Stay in the same room with both birds when first introducing them to each other. Gradually introduce the birds to each other. Look for signs that either bird is stressed. Put the birds together in a new cage. Stop treating the birds as pets.