Can Lovebirds and Budgies Be in the Same Cage? (things You Might Not Know)

Budgies have smaller beaks and cannot defend themselves if a lovebird becomes aggressive. Parakeets are docile and friendly, whereas lovebirds are active and aggressive.

Lovebirds and budgerigars should be kept in separate enclosures. Lovebirds are known to be very aggressive birds and can be very mean towards budgies.

One of the best ways to provide your lovebird with companionship is by keeping two or more birds in the same cage, such as a parrot and a lovebird.

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It is not advisable to mix different species unless the birds have a strong bond. Having multiple birds, whether all budgies or a mixed aviary, can lead to additional problems.

Sometimes a multiple bird aviary is a great idea if you have the space and money to spend on caring for several birds. Finches and lovebirds are not compatible with each other.

How to Take Care of Love Birds

Lovebirds can talk, but most will only learn a few words. Warmth is also important for the lovebird’s health.

The best diet for a lovebird is pellets, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Toys and enrichment are important to the companion bird’s mental health, welfare, and well-being.

Handle your lovebird gently and with care when it perches on your finger or other object.

Parakeet Vs Lovebird as Pet

Parakeets cost as little as $10 and run about $50 in most pet shops. Rare breeds of parakeets that have been hand-raised to make them tame may cost as much as $600.

Lovebirds are louder and, if in pairs, will tend to look after themselves more. Budgies, parakeets are generally not raised by hand feeding, or if they are, they don’t get handled enough between the end of their hand fed time and the time they go to the pet stores.

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Lovebirds and larger parrots have been known to be incompatible with these gentle birds.

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Lovebird and Budgie Mix

Budgies and lovebirds should be kept in separate enclosures because parakeets, particularly budgies, have no way of defending themselves against a lovebird attack. Lovebirds are naturally dominant bird species, and aggression is one way for them to communicate with other birds.

We don’t recommend housing lovebirds in the same cage as other bird species because lovebirds can be quite mean to other birds, especially small ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put two Budgies in the same cage?
Even if your budgie gets along with a larger or smaller bird, accidental injuries can occur during play or regular movement throughout the cage. After quarantining the new bird, move its cage into the same room as your budgie’s cage and let them look at each other from the safety of their own cages.

Do lovebirds need a big cage?
Is it OK to have multiple Budgies in one aviary?
A multiple bird aviary is sometimes a good idea, especially if you have the space, money, and energy to devote to caring for several birds. Having multiple birds, whether all budgies or a mixed aviary, can cause additional issues, but it can also work out for the best.

Can budgies and lovebirds be raised together?
Birds raised together from infancy can be exceptions to these generalizations; for example, I have a client who has budgies and lovebirds together, but they were all babies when she put them together.

Do I need a companion bird for my Budgie?
A lone budgie will bond with you well, but a companion bird is sometimes an ideal addition, especially if you don’t have a lot of time for your budgie.

Do budgies live in groups?
Budgies and many other parrots are flocking birds that live in groups in the wild, and it is not uncommon for birds to form small, intimate groups and cliques in multiple bird groups.

Do budgies and parrotlets get along?
Do lovebirds get along with budgies and cockatiels?
Lovebirds can bond with budgies or cockatiels in rare cases, but only if raised together in the same aviary; however, a problem arises during breeding, as they are aggressive to each other. The best way to keep lovebirds is in pairs, with another of the same kind.

Are budgies dominant over other birds?
The budgies were the most dominant of the birds at the time, but they simply chased the other birds off of certain bird perches and away from some of the bird feeders without harming them. She then introduced two rescued lovebirds into the mix, and everything changed quickly.

What happens if two lovebirds live together?
When your lovebird reaches adulthood, he may decide he’s had enough of the little parakeet and become violent with him. Trying to house two lovebirds with other birds is also not a good idea because the pair may become territorial and lash out at the other birds in the vicinity.

Can lovebirds and finches live together in the same cage?
Can Lovebirds and Finches Coexist in the Same Cage? Finches are known for being gentle and social, even with other bird species. They have no problem sharing and will gladly allow another bird to live in their territory. However, this may not be the case with lovebirds.