Can Budgies Eat Parakeet Food? (why You Might Not Want To)

While fruits and vegetables are generally safe choices for birds, it is best to play it safe and keep your budgies away from avocado.

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Due to an ‘isolated number of cases’ of avian influenza, visitors to Golden Acre Park have been asked not to feed the swans or birds. Fruits are fantastic treats for parakeets, but like vegetables, make sure you feed them the most nutrient-rich fruit.

What Can I Feed My Parakeet

The aim when feeding your pet parakeet is to match the diet the bird would have in the wild. This means a good-quality seed grass seed and other seeds being the staple diet of wild budgerigars.

They also need some green feed like beet, romaine, cabbage, groundsel, dandelion and seeding grasses. Pakeets can eat nuts and fruits, but don’t overfeed them!

Fresh fruit should make up a small part of your parakeet s diet. There are lots of ways to feed birds, from bird tables and hanging feeders to devices you can make yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of fruits and vegetables can I Feed my parakeets?
Fruits are fantastic treats for parakeets; however, as with vegetables, make sure you are feeding your bird the most nutrient-rich fruit for the best possible diet. Any type of fruit available at your local grocery store is great for your parakeet: apples, tangerines, melons, bananas, and tropical fruits.